SWTOR Leveling Secrets Revealed
Reach Level 50 Faster, Guaranteed!"

Gavs Guide WILL Power Level Your Imperial Class Character
Show You How To Collect Datacrons, Matrix Shards, Lore Items
Maximize Companion Affection & Dark Side Potential While You Level

Leveling to 50 Takes a LONG Time....

Leveling up to 50 in Star Wars: The Old Republic can feel like forever. Racing from planet to planet, picking up missions, defeating enimies, getting lost in the process, then having to Back Track.

"You are just as likely to spend your time figuring out where to go, as you are doing missions."

This game is set within an Entire Galaxy after all. With hidden bonus items stashed throughout. You could be walking right past them without even knowing they were right next to where you're leveling. Only to come back looking for them long after you're level 50.

It's not uncommon to run into an area where the mobs are tougher than you were expecting, end up dying over and over. And each time you die, you have to wait until you can be resurected where you lay, or return to a Medical Droid in an undesired location which takes even more time to travel back to where you are leveling.

Don't Get Stuck Half-Way
Not Knowing What To do!

Want to learn the secrets of successful leveling? Then keep reading...

Step-by-step leveling system

All Datacron Locations

All Matrix Shard Locations

Video Guides Included

Learn how to Solo Heroics

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Gavs Guide to the Imperial Faction of
Star Wars: The Old Republic is Here!

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What Do You Get With Gavs Guide?

Optimised Leveling Path

The most highly optimized leveling path through
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Easy To Follow Instructions

Detailed & comprehensive, step-by-step layout
all broken up into easy to follow sections

Not Just Another Text Guide

Easy to follow Icon guide, Maps, Images
even Videos for those tricky bits along the way

Mission Data Included

Detailed information on EVERY Mission, how to complete them
where to go, what order and warnings where needed

Enter The Darkside

Maximize your Alignment Gains as you level to
come closer to the Dark Side

Companion Conversation Gains Included

We have listed conversation options to get the
most Companion Affection Points while you level

Expert Leveling Builds

Learn how to use your Advanced Class effectively
to improve your overall leveling time

Solo Heroics? Yes You Can!

Learn which Heroics can be solo'd by your Class
How to do it, tricks n tips! With our Video Content

Learn To Gear Up

Learn how to Gear Up efficiently while you level,
what to spend your credits on & what NOT to waste your credits on

Full Datacron Video Library

Information & Videos on how and when to collect Datacrons
as you level to save you coming back for them later

Full Companion Guide

Information on Companions - Who they are, How to use them,
Gift information & What gear they should use



Hi, Gav here

I have been following the progress of this game since early 2009 and have been studying the leveling mechanics in beta and through early access, right up to now. I have compiled hundreds of hours of gameplay on multiple characters to design the most optimized route through all the required Class and Planet Missions. My Sith Warrior Guide is now complete and I want to share it with you all.

We have assembled the information I have gathered into our first Guide - The Sith Warrior. After extensive testing I am confident that our leveling system is the best around for players who want to get to the end the fastest, and for those who want to get the most out of leveling a character. I know you will find this guide helpful and informative, so give us a try!

   Yours Sincerely,


What can happen if you level
without our guide...

  • Waste A LOT of your time doing Missions in an inefficient order.
  • Cover the same ground over and over again.
  • Spend HOURS searching for Items, locations, Missions and NPCs.
  • Miss out on Bonus Missions.
  • Miss out the highly rewarding multiple stage Mission Chains.
  • End up in areas that are above your level.
  • End up on the wrong planet.
  • Miss out on entire Planetary Bonus Mission Series.
  • Find yourself stuck and not know where to go next.
  • Miss entire Planets.
  • Miss out on thousands of Companion Affection Points.
  • Arrive at End Game with sub-optimal Alignment.
  • Backtrack through areas, or even planets to find what you have missed.
  • Give up on Gaming completely and end up spending your nights with your Aunt Betty drinking tea with lemon in it and learning how to cross stitch.


Leveling A Character Up With Our System
Gives You Versatility...

Our Mission Route is fast, detailed and fully optimized

Our guide can be completed entirely by yourself

Our Guide layout is full of Bonus Information:

  • Which Companions to have with you for maximum Affection Gain
  • When to get Each Datacron while leveling to minimize wasted time
  • Important Alignment Decisions are listed to steer you in the right direction
  • Our Icon design will show you in advance at a glance what you will be doing next
  • Bonus Missions are listed so that you do not miss out on that extra Experience!
  • How to use your Abilities and Cooldowns efficiently while Leveling

Take our information and use it to level your way.



Don't Settle For Some Other Guide That..

  • Doesn't have an optimized path for YOUR CLASS.
  • Doesn't tell you and show you every useful piece of information.
  • Gives you a vague set of directions that aren't optimized, could be applied to any class and really won't help you level faster.
  • Doesn't help you maximize your Alignment Gains, leaving you gimped both in Leveling and at End Game.
  • Doesn't make use of the Companion Affection System.


What Do Others Say About Gavs Guides?

After using your free Sith Warrior Leveling Guide 1-17, I was leveling faster than I had before. I even made it to Drumond Kaas in 2 hours! That was a record for me. Now thanks to your guide I have 2 level 50 Sith Warriors, with all datacron enhancements and I am always getting asked to Tank or DPS!
Now I can do BOTH. Anyway, thanks Gav =)

Brian - Washington

WOW, what an amazing guide, so easy to follow. Your icon guide rules, showing me exactly what I am meant to be doing, while leveling. Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to your Republic Guide.
Count me in!

Jett - Sydney

Definitely the best guide I have tried by far. I purchased one at launch, and it did NOT have anything they were selling. Your guide has everything you promised, and more! Thanks Gav for an excellent guide.
Keep up the great work!

Alex - Washington



Still having doubts?

You can test out the first 2 sections of our Sith Warrior leveling guide
(Korriban to the end of Dromund Kaas) absolutely free.
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60 Day Money Back
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Thats right, I am so confident that you will be 100% happy
with my leveling guides, they come with My Personal Satisfaction
60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


For only $29.95 USD
you will gain access to our Sith Warrior & Sith Inquisitor
Guides and all Imperial Classes to follow!

Guide is available via our online Members area (viewable from any web browser)
After purchase please allow up to 5 hours for your order to be processed


I won't feed you lies...

Some Guides will advertise
things like....

  • Get the best Starships!


  • Use the best Race and Class Combination!

These things don't exist. There is currently only one Starship per Class and the choice on which Race to take is only cosmetic, as there are no Combat related Racial Abilities. Statements like these are purely a marketing ploy.

  • I'm a Pro - I've been doing this since before there were computers!


  • My information is worth Thousands of Dollars!...
    but I want You to have it for cheap.

To be fair, some of the guide writers out there for every MMO are professionals and have been Gaming and writing Guides successfully for however long they claim. But the fact is that anyone can make these claims, so be wary. As for the value of a Guide...

I could calculate the hours of research and development I have put into (and will continue to put into) My Guides and give you an over inflated figure then call it the true value, but the fact is that a Guide is only worth what a consumer is willing to pay. No guide is worth hundreds and thousands of your hard earned dollars. Saying that the information is worth some crazy amount and offering it to you cheaper is just another marketing ploy.

  • This Guide will make you the best there is at PVP!


  • This Guide will make you the best there is at PVE!

Any guide can give you tips, teach you tricks and show you how abilities function in certain situations, but no guide can actually deliver on these promises. That requires time, patience and a certain level of skill on your part. If they could actually deliver on this type of marketing propaganda then every player who buys their guide would be "the best"....


Questions and Answers

  • Can I get a trail version?
  • You sure can. We have a trial of the Sith Warrior Guide that covers the first two planets with our optimised leveling paths, for free.
    Just sign-up to our newsletter below to find out more.



  • Do I have to pay a Subscription?
  • No you do not. When you purchase a Faction Guide you will have access to everything in the Guide whenever you want. No monthly Fees. No ongoing costs of any kind.
  • Will I have to pay for updates?
  • No. Not at all. All MMO Games constantly evolve, and thus a Guide must be updated accordingly. All content updates are completely free.
  • Are there any discounts available for the Guide?
  • Yes. As mentioned at the top of the page, we are launching our Empire Faction Guide with our Sith Warrior Class on an Early Bird Special. Those who buy the Empire Faction Guide on the Early Bird Special will also be entitled to a discount on our Republic Faction Guide when it launches.
  • Can I get in trouble for using this guide?
  • No. Not at all. Not in any way. The Guide is available for purchase through clickbank.com, which is a respected and reputable company and comes with a money back guarentee so there is no risk involved at all in purchasing the Guide.
    Nothing within the Guide itself can get you in any trouble either. It does not contain any Hacks, Cheats or Methods that will get you Banned from the Game. Everything in the Guide is 100% Legitimate.
  • Is the Guide available in Hard Copy or is it Digital?
  • Digital download only. Everything is done digitally to keep costs down and so that it can be constantly updated whenever the game changes or new information becomes available.


For only $29.95 USD
you will gain access to our Sith Warrior & Sith Inquisitor
Guides and all Imperial Classes to follow!

Guide is available via our online Members area (viewable from any web browser)
After purchase please allow up to 5 hours for your order to be processed

For all enquires, feel free to contact me via sales@gavsguide.com

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